Lead generating Kickstarter landing page

VOYA came to us with a plan to launch a universal virtual reality headset stand using Kickstarter. Once launched, the site will evolve into an e-commerce platform for selling the product.

Client: VOYA
Work: Design, Development, SEO/Marketing
Responsive landing page design
Landing page design

Phase 1

The website is to follow multiple phases as the product grows. The first port of call was a landing page to show the high-tech features that separate VOYA from its competitors and gathers interested customers emails from a wide variety of marketing campaigns.

Evolving website

Once the Kickstarter campaign kicks off, the client will be able to update all content and layouts on the site to adapt for the new target market. And after Kickstarter? The landing page is built using Concrete5, so can easily be extended into a full website and even on to e-commerce.

Launch Site
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