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Web design services

With internet trends constantly changing, your website can become out of date and quickly fall behind your competitors.

With a background in marketing we can design and optimise your site to the fullest, so when a customer lands on your site they carry out your desired action. We make your site work for you, it's not all about looks.

E-commerce Developers

Your website is your digital shop front. Within 0.5 seconds your customer will decide whether they like it or not and ultimately if they'll decide to stay, browse and make a purchase.

Successful e-commerce is a careful blend of your business goals and the needs of your target market. We work hard to combine the two to give you the most effective website possible.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS) are powerful platforms which can allow for a lot of dynamic content to be easily managed.

A CMS also allows you to update content for yourself and can be extended easily to include contact forms, shopping carts and booking systems along with many other rich features.

Web design

You're website is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. It's a vital asset to which all of your other online activity will direct your prospects. However directing traffic to your site is worthless unless you traffic is going to convert. Our designs encompass aesthetics along with function, if your website isn't converting leads or sales, it isn't working.

Landing page design

If you're currently undertaking a PPC campaign, matching a stand alone page specifically to the message in your ads will help lower costs and increase conversions. This will help you emphasise your keywords, and ultimately get ahead of your competition.

Brochure site

This is a multi-page site reflecting your business services. We work with you to highlight your unique selling points and drive prospects towards you calls to action.

A more complex site

Are you looking for something a bit more off the wall or something clever to entice your prospects?

If your business is larger than simply needing information, we can build you a larger site with any integrations you may need, such as a booking system, donations, interactive data, graphs or more complex design with animated effects.

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E-commerce Bristol

E-commerce Developers

Consumers go online to research, evaluate and compare their choices. Much of their final decision will be placed on their online experience; how easy it is to find details, the quality of the site, how trustworthy the site appears, how user friendly - the number of subconscious decisions made is endless.

With years of experience and years learning what does and does not work in e-commerce, we help provide all the subconscious 'yeses' to increase your sales. We create on-trend e-commerce websites, with easy functionality which meets the needs of your target market.

Our e-commerce packages range from setting up a shop on a pre-existing Wordpress website, through a license-free version of what we believe is the most complete and best value for money shopping platform out there, to a fully multi-vendor, omni-channel licensed version with any features you desire.

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Content Management Systems

We can integrate a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) with your website which will allow you to regularly update your site with fresh content, examples of this are Wordpress, Concrete5 and Drupal. All the CMS features are quick and easy to use, however if you're not tech savvy we also offer a full support guide.

The benefits of being able to upload fresh content are endless. Not only is this important for your followers/customers but can also aid your social strategies and contribute heavily to your SEO ranking. CMS platforms can also be extended to include booking forms, contact forms, shopping carts and many more.

Most websites these days are powered by a CMS, we can work with any CMS you like, and can also provide advice on which CMS would suit your website's needs best.

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Content Management Systems Bristol
Web Development and Maintenance Bristol

Web Development and Maintenance

With website trends constantly changing, your site may need updating. It doesn't necessarily need a full blown makeover but a few tweaks here and there can keep you above the competition and appreciated by potential clients.

We can help make your existing website:
- A Mobile responsive website
- Integrate with leading CMS & E-commerce platforms
- Cross browser compatible

We also focus on load speed optimisation and create SEO friendly code to assist you in your search engine marketing.

We are experienced in many areas of web development, including but not limited to the following: HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, CS-Cart, Concrete5, Wordpress, Social Media APIs, XML/SOAP, Payment gateways

We can also assist with domain name management services such as:
- Domain registration
- Buying and selling domains
- Managing DNS settings

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UK Web Hosting

We have an array of dedicated servers fully managed by Pixel Hero, which allows us to give you 24/7 support. There are no restrictions on bandwidth or storage space and we can give you access to unlimited free email accounts with your hosting.

We use the latest technology for our hardware and software which allows us to provide a more modern solution which is scalable - so if your site suddenly has millions of visitors our hosting will be flexible to handle it. With a different types of optimisation, we can configure your hosting to reduce your bandwidth and load times, this is extremely important for your customers as well as having SEO benefits.

Our standard offering is Linux hosting on the latest Operating Systems using Nginx. We can also offer CPanel and Windows hosting if required.

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