icon-landing.pngIf you’re currently undertaking an email, PPC or other online marketing campaign, matching a stand-alone page specifically to the message in your ads will help lower costs and increase conversions. This will help you emphasise your keywords, and ultimately get ahead of your competition.

With landing pages ranging from simple clean designs to complex forms which are all singing all dancing, we can help provide the right solution to whatever you need.

Whether complex or simple, we’ll provide you with a landing page which is mobile responsive, cross-browser compatible and with SEO friendly coding.

Conversion rate optimisation

Why conversion rate optimisation is more important than ever:

Conversion rate optimisation

Increase sales for free. You pay exactly the same for the traffic you’re driving, but a higher number of people will complete your desired action, just by moving a few things around on the page.

Higher conversion rates increase your profit-per-visitor and can increase lifetime customer value; this has enormous effect on your profitability and ROI.

Improving customer experience by optimising your page has a positive effect on your brand and sales. This can lead to more shares, likes and an increase in the likelihood of getting backlinks.

Google loves engaging websites. If people are converting more you’ll go up the search engine and your PPC costs will reduce.

Most importantly, the cost of doubling conversion rates is lower than the cost of doubling traffic.

Landing pages for email marketing

Effective landing pages take an idea and turn it into a clear and powerful advertisement tool.

It can:

  • showcase your USP
  • give a clear and concise message
  • list benefits and features
  • show testimonials and indicators of social proof
  • have directional cues to guide the user
  • have a clear call to action

The goal is for users to complete the action you desire, the easiest way to do this is with landing pages that keep the user on track, focussed and engaged in the message you want to give.

Email marketing landing pages

Landing pages to enhance your PPC campaign

Using landing pages for your PPC campaigns can result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost per click. The goal is to create a closely coupled relationship between the ad and the content of your landing page.

This helps humans by showing you really do have exactly what they want and reduces the bounce rate, and helps Google by showing a higher quality score and ad rank.

By improving your quality score and ad rank, your cost per click will be reduced and your ad will be displayed more.

Because of this, the page you send your traffic to is incredibly important. If you send your traffic to your homepage, the button your audience will mostly hit is the ‘back’ button. The easiest way to increase relevance is to have a stand-alone landing page specific to your PPC ads and product.

This will increase conversion rates generating sales, lower your costs and increase your visibility.

  • Lower your cost-per-click
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase your quality score and Ad Rank
  • Spend less on your marketing
  • Increase sales

mic.pngWhether you’re inviting potential clients to a conference or launch party, or are organising a wedding, party or another big event, a landing page is a great way to collect RSVPs and useful for displaying the information the user requires.

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