laptop.pngWith trends constantly changing your site may need updating. You may not necessarily need a full site redesign, but a few regular tweaks here and there can be invaluable and keep you ahead of the competition.

We don't just design and build websites, our expertise is available to those who just need small changes, or want to go through a phase of optimisation. We work with you to make any changes you need, as well as providing advice and suggestions to help increase your websites conversion rate.

What we can do

  • Cross browser compatibility

    It is important to your business that your website works across all of the bigger web browsers, so that all of your customers can use your site and convert on it. This means it needs to work in at least the last three versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

  • Integrate CMS & E-commerce platforms

    Blogs are a great way to increase your ranking in Google, it loves fresh and regularly updated content. We can add one to your site.

    If you are a shop owner but do not sell on your current website, we can add a shopping cart and plan a way to easily manage stock.

  • Mobile responsive

    According to WeAreSocial, in January 2016 62% of the UK population uses a mobile phone to access the internet. And in August 2015, Shopify said sales have tilted in favour of mobile devices at 50.3%. By not allowing ease on mobile devices, you could be limiting sales. We can convert your current website to make it look great on mobiles.

  • SEO friendly

    By using SEO friendly coding we can help optimise your site for Google, ensuring all the keywords are right where they need to be. We can add all the meta data that search engines look for, including Schema, Social Meta and also focus on load speed optimisation to assist you in your search engine marketing.

Web development skills

We are experienced in many areas of web development,
including but not limited to the following:





Social Media APIs




Payment gateways






HTML Emails

icon-complex.pngAre you looking for something a bit more off the wall or something clever to entice your prospects such as a game, animation or a clever calculator for example. Whatever complex function you’d like to add, we can make this so effortless your customers will keep coming back for more.

If your business is larger than simply needing information, we can build you a larger site with any integrations you may need, such as a booking system, donations, interactive data, graphs or more complex design with animated effects.


We can think outside the box

Let’s say you have an online wallpaper shop? How about a clever calculator where you enter the size of the wall and it automatically tells you how many rolls you need?

What about a high tech booking system which takes all the stress away from your staff and makes it easier for your customers to see your availability straight away? Or an interactive game to engage your customers in a way your competitors can’t?

We love a challenge, so if you have a big idea, we’ll do our best to work with you to make it a reality.

If you want to stand out in a unique, innovative way we can help. Our talented developers are there to help with anything you need, after all websites can be a lot more interesting than you think.

PHP skill
Wordpress skill
Paypal skill

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