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UK based web development

We build web applications and CMS websites, do maintenance, do upgrades, build add-ons and provide web hosting.

End-to-end quality service

Your website is your most important digital marketing tool. If it breaks, runs slow, or is just not pulling its weight, it will affect your business. So, as well as creating websites, we make sure they live up to their potential by carrying out regular maintenance and fixes, as well as upgrades and integrations. Oh, and we also do hosting and domain management.

We speed up websites and make them look and function better so they can draw more attention, keep visitors reading for longer, and stand a better chance of transforming them into loyal customers.

Whether you need a few tweaks or a complete system overhaul, you’re in the right place.

Keeping things running smoothly

Things change fast in business, so your site will need updating. Websites all need regular maintenance to keep them fast and secure.

You may not need a full site redesign, but a few regular tweaks here and there can keep you looking up-to-the-minute. These include speeding up and optimising your site for search, reporting and conversion; making it mobile responsive, updating your content (images, words or extra pages), ongoing fixes, add-ons, integrations and upgrades — on any platform.

Add-ons include extra features like a blog, shopping cart, analytics or booking form. Integrations involve making your site talk to external systems, such as marketing platforms, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and payment providers.

Putting you in control of your content

Freshly updated content, like a blog or regularly refreshed pages, helps boost your Google rankings and reader engagement. We can integrate a user-friendly content management system (CMS) so you can upload, manage and edit your content yourself, whenever you like. We offer full support where you need it. Or, if you’d like us to do it for you, we can do that too.

We can work with any platform, but we specialise in Concrete5 and Wordpress.

Mobile responsive, cross-browser compatible

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you could be losing half of your sales, according to e-commerce platform, Shopify. We can convert your current website to make it look great on mobiles so you never miss a customer.

It’s vital that your website works across all of the most widely used web browsers, so that all of your potential customers can use your site. This means it needs to work in at least the last three versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We can help you with that.

Optimised to be search engine friendly

We can optimise your site for your keywords, add search engine meta data and check your site for any major SEO issues (and fix them, of course). In development terms, optimising a site includes ensuring the code is semantically correct, that it passes accessibility tests, has the right structure of headings and Structured Data markup, where applicable.

We know, it sounds a bit complex. Don’t be put off by these technical terms, leave all that to us.

Lay any challenge at our door

We love doing things that have never been done before. So, if you have a big idea, something which sounds off the wall (a game, animation or web application), we’re the ones to call. We can build you a larger site with any integrations you need, such as a booking system, donations, interactive data, graphs or more complex design. This can also include web applications (for example, a custom CMS or project management platform).

Whatever complex function you’d like to add, we’ll do our best to turn it into a reality (and we’ll make it look so effortless your customers will keep coming back for more).

We’ve also never met a platform we can’t adapt. We can work with anything we’ve never used — it’s never held us back before. So, whatever your site is built on, we can easily pick it up where your last developer left off.

Hosting and domains - done

Hosting comes in many forms, but today your best option is a Cloud VPS - they provide the best scalability, availability and performance for your money by a long way. We provide fully managed hosting using Cloud VPS solutions from the leading providers.

Most hosting will be claimed as on a 'Dedicated Server' however agencies will typically cram 100's of sites on to one server - ultimately slowing yours down and putting it at risk. This is why we use Cloud VPS hosting as your site is completely isolated from all our other clients, providing optimal performance.

All of our hosting is within the UK. We want your site to be as secure as possible, so, when your site is hosted and managed by us, we include a free SSL certificate. We can also handle all of your domain name and DNS needs too.

Some of our favourite web development projects

Take a look at some of the best web development work we have done recently; if you desire more then take a peek at our portfolio.

Concrete5 careers website


A Concrete5 driven Careers Website with a fresh employer brand.

Concrete5 careers website for Nisbets


Careers website for huge catering suppliers Nisbets, built in Concrete5 CMS.

Concrete5 website for Bailiwick Express

Bailiwick Express

Leading newspaper website with classifieds.