icon-cross-device.pngBrochure sites are an ideal way for businesses offering a service. These usually consist of 5-6 pages including – home, about, blog, services and a contact page.

We take the time to get to know your business, your goals and your company’s style. Once we have an idea of what you require, we provide you with a brief and begin building persona's of your target audience. Using this information we then start forming the wireframe on the website and constructing the user journey ensuring each part of the website is optimised to give you the very best ROI possible.

Our brochure sites are typically built using one of our chosen content management systems so that you are free to update your content as and when you like with ease. We can show you how to do this.

Brochure site checklist

A brochure site needs to:

  • be clear and concise
  • include testimonials and clear social proof
  • be user friendly and engaging
  • have contact information easily accessible
  • have an obvious call to action
  • include social media
  • have clear company USPs
  • have an SEO strategy

Although this may seem like a tall order, our experience means that we can give you a site which encompasses all of these points in order from you to gain the most from your investment.

Optimising your website

By optimising your site to increase conversions your website can become one of your biggest assets. Your website is the hub of all your online activity, this is the place where your social, email marketing and PPC traffic will be directed. If you get this right, your overall online marketing strategy will be cheaper and easier which will place you in a stronger position against competitors.

Once your site is complete we run a range of tests, making sure this looks perfect on mobile devices across a range of devices. All of our coding is to W3C standards and SEO friendly, every little helps.

User experience

icon-touch.pngImproving your user experience will in turn increase your conversions. Whatever your objectives are, from generating leads or increasing sales, our design and optimisation is tailored to your business.

From design through to coding, our attention to detail is always a primary focus. Our design ensures your message is clear and concise while our coding creates a flawless user experience from start to finish.


Reflecting your brand

Your brochure site is a chance to showcase your unique selling points, what you do, who you are and your company ethos. Your website can capture character, samples of your work, pricing guidelines and contact details.

Your website should be a true reflection of your company, professionally designed and branded to represent the quality of your business.

We can create a site you can be proud of, informative, clean and user friendly, so you make the right impression straight away.

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