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SEO and marketing for all websites

There’s more to successful websites than good looks and the latest tech. If you don’t design the user experience around your customer (and get your message straight), you may be putting potential customers off.

Beyond web design

Your website is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s a vital asset to which all of your other online activity (social media, PPC, email campaigns) will direct to.

With years of experience in digital marketing, we get under the skin of your business to understand your goals, products/services and unique selling points. Then we look at your target audience to build a user journey just for them, ensuring each part of the website is optimised to get your customers to carry out your desired action.

For us, this is as just important as design and development. We make your site work for you.

Optimisation converts leads into cash

Grow traffic and rank higher with search engine optimisation, then convert more traffic from search and campaigns into sales. We optimise every site we build to incite actions from your readers, so your website becomes one of your biggest marketing assets (as it should be), rather than just looking all pretty and fancy. If you get this right, your overall online marketing strategy will be cheaper and easier, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Content marketing means rankings up, bounce rate down

The aim of content marketing is to use your expertise within an industry to provide insight and advice to your audience. Done properly, this builds trust and between you and your followers, fans, prospects and customers, helping towards a sale or other action. It also provides a wider platform to convey your brand identity and allows you to deliver genuine, authentic help to your audience (think of it as upfront customer service).

It brings extra benefits too. Updating your site frequently with relevant, engaging content (which is read and shared by more people) boosts your search engine rankings. By embedding links into your content, you can guide traffic around your site (and help them spend longer on it). This is great for reducing bounce rates, which is also great for search engine rankings

Targeted marketing with landing pages

If you’re running an online campaign (email, social media or Pay-Per-Click), a well-designed landing page which mirrors the message in your ads will reduce marketing costs and increase conversions. Landing pages keep leads on your website longer (because it’s a message targeted at them) and prompts them to take action. They also allow you to choose really specific keywords to outrank your competition (in search engine terms).

Track your customers

Once you’re receiving all that traffic, you need to know where they’re coming from, how long they spend on each page and why they left. With reports from Google Analytics you can track and trace visitors on your site and measure conversion rates.

More than that, we'll set up heat maps to see where your customers are clicking and can even set up live recordings of a users visit to your site - this all helps to find where they may be dropping off your site so we can improve it for you.