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Web design in London and Bristol

And the rest of the UK of course! We build websites that fascinating audiences, fortify brands, and build sales.

Beautiful and powerful

We don't just design pretty things.

As both Bristol and London based digital marketers and web designers we work with clients across the whole UK. We learn about your customers and get close up to your business, then we design alluring websites around them and you.

We create striking CMS websites which show off your brand, and money-spinning e-commerce websites with powerful back ends.

Is your site user friendly, really?

With so many other sparkly sites and channels to distract your audience, your website needs to haul them in, lead them by the mouse and drive them to take action (click here, sign up there, buy this, share that). Without insightful User Experience (UX), your site just won’t cut the mustard.

From design through to coding, our focus is on how your prospects see your site, and how they will move around it. Our design guarantees your message is concise and clear-cut; our coding creates a flawless user experience from start to finish.

Every box ticked.
Does your website do all this?

Does it look sensational on mobile devices?

Time to face facts, if your site is not mobile-responsive, you've lost a huge chunk of your audience. This an absolute must-have for any website. End of. Don’t take our word for it. Research shows that half of all sales are on mobile devices (according to e-commerce platform, Shopify, August 2015) and two thirds of the UK population (62%) uses a mobile phone to access the internet (according to global media agency, WeAreSocial, January 2016).

Really, can you afford to miss out on this? For the record, we don't make sites which don't tick the mobile responsive box - it goes against our brand promise.

Is it optimised for conversion?

When we talk about ‘optimising’ your site, we mean making it live up to your expectations as the hub for all your marketing activity. When visitors land on your site from an email, social media channel or online advert, your website should ‘convert’ people that visit your site into people that take an action, making your digital marketing spend go further.

Nailing the UX is crucial for this, as is getting your call-to-action messages bang on. You can do other things to optimise your site too, like creating a landing page for targeted campaigns.

What about showcasing your brand?

Your site should proudly show off why you’re different by portraying who you are, what you do and why you do it. It shouldn’t just shout about your products and/or services — that’s old school thinking. Design and branding is indispensable here, along with some basic elements, like samples of your work, testimonials and easy-to-see contact details. We’ll make sure you make the right impression straight away with a site which is informative, clean and user friendly.

If you don’t need any transactional functionality, a CMS brochure website may be what you need. They’re can be just 5-6 pages (including Home, About, Products/Services, Contact and a Blog), but we know some sites are much bigger and we can help out there too with our flexible Concrete5 CMS platform.

Some of our favourite web design projects

Take a look at some of the best web design work we have done recently; if you desire more then take a peek at our portfolio.

Concrete5 estate agent website

Black Cygnet

Estate agent website integrated with the Reapit API.

CS-Cart Multivendor website

Unearth Market

A fresh take on B2B Multi-Vendor e-commerce.

STG Aerospace

Corporate website for a leading Aerospace company. Built using Concrete5.