icon-ecommerce.pngWhether you’re starting a new E-Commerce business or would like to upgrade from your existing system to a faster, secure, more reliable platform - we have the solution you need.

From a huge multi-vendor store to a transition from a local store to an online shop, we have the features you need to make your life easy with simple stock control, user friendly interface and a range of features designed to make you save time and make life easier.

As well as putting together a store-front for your business, Pixel Hero can also build additional add-on functionality for CS-Cart along with any integration.

We’re here to help you streamline your E-Commerce process, sell more online and help expand your reach into new markets with a multilingual functionality website. Our aim is to help you increase sales and reduce cost, resulting in a higher return on investment.



CS-Cart works the way you do

CS-Cart Shop Front
CS-Cart Admin Panel


We can offer you total customisation so that your E-Commerce website fits perfectly with how your business operates. An accessible system with all the features you need, that anyone can use.


Our chosen platform is CS-Cart, which we have years of experience with, and after you've seen the demo you’ll see why. Purpose built to make multi-storefront and multi-channel retail easy, it offers a complete E-Commerce platform out of the box for free. The licensed version is a simple one-off license at a great price and adds much more functionality.


CS-Cart is also the leading multi-vendor platform, meaning you can create your own Amazon or Etsy style store with ease.  All storefronts are controlled from the same admin panel and can be customised so every storefront can have a unique approach and style.

Expert E-Commerce CS-Cart Developers

We specialise in CS-Cart as we believe it is the best E-Commerce solution available.

As an out of the box solution, CS-Cart can allow you to sell online instantly. Pixel Hero can help make it happen.

Our expert developers can customise your CS-Cart for any project. We can create bespoke designs or help optimise any designs you currently have with general site maintenance. We’re able to create any add-ons you need, or integrate CS-Cart into any existing store front.

We have successfully created a number of add-on features which has helped our customers expand the use and functionality of their store, such as custom search functionality and enhanced image galleries.

We’re able to:

  • Design custom store-fronts
  • CS-Cart development and maintenance
  • Integrate features and create add-ons
  • Customise modules and layouts
  • Third party integration

CS-Cart Features

Use an E-Commerce platform powering over 35,000 stores worldwide


Responsive design

Responsive Web Design

All of our shop-fronts are created with responsive web design in mind so your customers can shop your products whenever, wherever easily and securely.

CS-Cart theme design

Bespoke design

CS-Cart has themes available, however we can create a bespoke design which is conversion rate optimised and reflects your brand identity. By adding customisation, we can help you stand out from your competitors. 

Multi-storefront e-commerce


Each storefront is customisable, making each store individual with its own unique user experience and brand identity.  

Store management

CS-Cart's admin panel has dozens of easy to use features which help streamline your business processes and give you full control of your store. All the power you need to make your store a success.

  • Custom product filters
    Provide a user-friendly experience for potential customers visiting your site by setting custom filters to any item in your store catalogue.
  • Return management
    Using the RMA add-on, customers can create a return request at the click of a button and track progress on their profile page. All return requests can be managed via the admin panel.
  • Discounts and vouchers
    Tailored solutions allow for a range of voucher or sales promotion offers, all very flexible and varied, yet easy to set up.
  • Multi-channel, multi-storefront and multi-vendor
    Flexible systems that grow with you and your business. CS-Cart works for small businesses as well as multi-vendor and multi-storefront stores. The bigger your business grows; CS-Cart will scale to handle what you need.
  • Built in Content Management System
    An easy way to generate fresh new content for your E-Commerce website.
  • Multi-language and currency
    With 10+ languages to choose from, your visitors can easily switch between currency and languages in your store-front.


Tracking Inventory
CS-Cart allows you to track with options, track without options and even allows no tracking at all.

Tracking with options allows you to know the exact quantity of in-stock items with specified combinations. For example, tracking the in-stock quantity of clothing which can come in variations of colours and sizes.

Tracking without options can be used if your products come as standard with no variations, a common number is displayed for all items of that particular product.

No tracking – why complicate things, if you have no need to track your inventory, for example you sell eBooks, you can simply turn this function off.

Controlling your product options has never been easier.
CS-Cart allows you to build option combinations, create price and weight modifiers and apply images for each option and combination.

By using price and weight modifiers, the weight option chosen can affect the price, this can be particularly useful for delivery cost calculation.

Sequential Options can also be used. If a product has two options, the second option is locked until a customer chooses the first one. This can also be useful for stock management.

Payments and shipments


Over 80 payment systems and shipping methods
A range of payment gateways and processors are accepted including, PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay, DirectOne, HSBC, Amazon Payments and many more. CS-Cart are PCI compliant which allows your customers to pay safely with VISA, MasterCard and other major cards.


Export & Import functionality
CS-Cart allows you to import and export orders, products, users, translations, subscribers and features using the CSV data format. This is a common file type supported by a range of software including stock accounting systems.


Shipping rates in real-time
CS-Cart have partnered with shipping providers such as FedEx and UPS allowing the checkout page to deliver actual shipping rates in real-time. Delivery costs can be calculated upon time of order based on the customers shipping address and direct data from the shipping provider.


Easy Tax Management
Advanced tools for complex and location-based taxation are easily accessible and can help with multiple shipping or billing address based taxes.



CS-Cart helps your website rank organically by automatically generating a site map, user-friendly URLs and providing an easy way for meta information to be built in, your site will be easier for Google to find and index.


Add a blog to your website, this can help add fresh content to your site, help promote your company, engage your customers and provide helpful tips and advice. 


Selling on Social Media
Your store can be integrated with eBay, Google Shopping and Facebook, allowing you to export your products and advertise there. Customers are able to login to your online store using social accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.


Email newsletters
Mad Mimi and MailChimp email marketing services can be added on to help you sing and dance to your customer base about your next big offer.

Conversion tools


Real-time reporting
We offer real-time reporting on all the key aspects required for your website to deliver the required return on investment, such as visitor statistics, source of traffic and how much has been sold. You can see all of the valuable insights to your business from the dashboard of CS-Cart.


Showing customers’ similar items, sale products, best-sellers and latest items can help increase basket value. Features such as “customers who bought this also bought”, and bundle discounts are also easily accessible with the cross-selling tool. 


Testimonial reviews
Comments and reviews from real customers make your store look more reliable and can help boost sales. CS-Cart has created an add-on which enables your customers to add product reviews, testimonials and comments.


Abandoned carts
Identify any bottle-necks in the sales process with the abandoned cart reporting. Improve your customers shopping experience and your profits with this simple detection tool.


Promotions and discounts
A range of discounts can be set up including discounts based on overall basket value, multi-buy or by percentage.


Live tracking
Be there as it happens, view any shopping session in real-time directly from your CS-Cart admin panel.

Your E-Commerce Shop Front

e-commerce shop front Consumers go online to research, evaluate and compare their choices. Much of their final decision will be placed on their online experience; how easy it is to find the details, the quality of the site, how trustworthy the site appears, how user friendly – the number of subconscious decisions made are endless.

With years of experience and years of learning what does and doesn’t work in E-Commerce, we help provide all the subconscious ‘yeses’ to increase your sales. We create on-trend E-Commerce websites, with easy functionality which meets the needs of your target market.

CS-Cart E-Commerce Features


Scalable as you grow
CS-Cart is a flexible system that grow with you and your business. We can start with a free version of the platform and as your company grows you can invest in a full license and get all the additional add-on features. It is also very easy to add custom functionality to should you need it.


We understand how important it is for your website to rank highly. Our E-Commerce systems include all the tools you need to ensure your website ranks organically and for any new content added to your site to be optimised to appear highly in search results. With SEO, every little helps.


Real-time Reporting
Real-time reporting on all the key aspects required for your website to deliver the required return on investment, such as visitor statistics, sources of traffic and how much has been sold. 


Vouchers and offers
Our tailored solutions allow for a broad range of sale features, varying from simple voucher codes, buy one get one half price, free product when buying a specific product or simply just free delivery when spending a certain amount.

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